4 Small Kitchen Appliance Storage Ideas

If you are like most homeowners, you probably have far too many small appliances in your kitchen. From your toaster and coffee maker to your foreman grill and food processor, finding ways to store these items in an organized and uncluttered way can be difficult.

Let’s take a look at four kitchen appliance storage ideas that you can use to have a more organized kitchen:

Kitchen Appliance Garages

A kitchen appliance garage is basically a small cabinet that can be opened when you need to use one of your appliances. It is different from a normal cabinet in that it actually looks natural even when it is open.

They are available in several different options and can be customized to meet your unique desires. One thing you will want to be sure of if you go with a kitchen appliance garage, however, is that you have multiple electrical outlets inside of the garage to prevent having to plug and unplug every time you use something.

Roll Up Doors

Roll up doors are basically manual garage doors for your kitchen. They are very simple to use and are a favorite for homeowners that want to have a designated but hidden away area for anything from coffee making to baking.

Swing Out Door

A swing out door acts similar to an awning on an RV. Many homeowners use them to store things like toasters or food processors that are used for only a short period of time and can then be packed back away until next use. One of the disadvantages of these is that the area in front of the door will have to be clear.


One of the cheapest, yet still visually appealing, options for storing small kitchen appliances are curtains. Many of these have velcro that allows you to pin the curtain up while you are using the appliances and then un-velcro it when you are done using them. A turnoff of this option, however, is that they can create a fire hazard in your kitchen.

The Final Word

Many homeowners do not realize the litany of options that are available to them as far as decluttering their kitchen. These four options are only a few of the many possibilities for storing small kitchen appliances. For a look at more options, Door Roll Up specializes in helping homeowners find affordable and visually appealing storage options that you will surely love.

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