Are Aluminum Storage Cabinets Right for Your Kitchen?

Sleek and modern, our company Door Roll Up has seen an increase in demand for aluminum storage cabinets over the past few years. Though commonly used in the kitchen, we have installed these cabinets in a variety of locations throughout the home, including laundry rooms, washrooms, garages and more.

We are big fans of the look and feel which an aluminum storage cabinet delivers, but that does not mean that they are right for every home. To help you make the right choice, we have outlined all of the benefits as well as a couple of the potential drawbacks which may make you reconsider your decision.

Why We Love Aluminum Storage Cabinets

Apart from being ultra-chic and contemporary, the next reason why our customers tell us that they love our aluminum storage cabinets is because they are maintenance free. Apart from needing to wipe off dirt, dust and other residue, no additional care is necessary. They are suitable for all climates (even the humid climate we enjoy here in Florida) and they are rust resistant thanks to an oxidized finish which keeps your cabinets protected.

Another reason why this type of cabinetry is so appealing is because it is fireproof. This is particularly important, as they will be located in the room of the home where the majority of fires begin. Homeowners also have peace of mind in knowing that these cabinets are insect proof as they are non-porous so unwanted critters cannot take up residence in your kitchen.

Because aluminum cabinets are extremely rigid, our cabinets here at Door Roll Up are long lasting. Whenever our customers want to change the look of their kitchen, our experts are able to easily come in and change the color of your cabinets so that they continue to blend in and enhance the atmosphere of the room.

When to Reconsider Aluminum Storage Cabinets

Durable and strong, aluminum cabinets can still be prone to dings and dents. For this reason, this type of cabinetry is usually used best in homes where there will not be small children who may enjoy banging on the cabinet doors.

Unlike other storage cabinets, it may be more difficult for some homeowners to figure out how they can get the aluminum designs to work in their more traditional or country-style kitchen. It is possible to choose aluminum cabinetry which will work in these styles of kitchens, but it may take more exploration and homework.

Everyone is welcome to visit us here in Miramar to check out our aluminum storage cabinets. One of our experts here at Door Roll Up will chat with you about your options and will help you discover if an aluminum storage cabinet is right for your home.

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